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05 July 2009 @ 08:03 pm
It's over  
Hiatus is over.

I finished with all my finals and I did fine, although not as I expected of course 'cause I'm a perfectionist but I'll try to improve next month.

Do you know what else is over? Wimbledon. Roger won and I'm glad but I was rooting for Andy Roddick, why? because he deserved it. Everyone said that without Rafa this was going to be so damn easy for Roger and it wasn't, he had to suffer for over 4 hours and Roddick could have won the title by winning the second set, where he lost 4 set points. I know tomorrow morning local newspapers will say "this was meant to happen", but I already decided I'm not wasting my time reading those 'cause they only use tennis to fill the void in sport's page.

I'm still not in the best mood 'cause I'm sick, I have a sore throat 'cause I went out on Thursday night to celebrate the end of university's cycle. Obviously, I'm not the only one 'cause some of my friends are sick too but you have no idea how hard it is to study economics at my university; they keep on making things harder, and as one teacher used to say: "study hard and party as hard as you studied" so we're just doing what we've been told.

Anyway, maybe you are wondering what's up with this ugly thing down here. I am bad when it comes to photoshop (like BAD in capital letters) but it's something I enjoy doing so I'm sorry for hurting some eyes and of course, for ruining Novak's picture . I'll do the picspam as soon as I'm done selecting images . I WANT A MUZZA FREE WIMBLEDON PICSPAM, or at least one where he's all sad and emo over his loss so that's not an easy job with all the nightmare material pictures over the net.

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I'll edit later, as soon as I'm done.
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